Norbuling CS welcomed honorable Dasho Dzongda on 4/9/19. Dasho visited the school primarily to give away most prestigious award titled, “HM’s certificate for outstanding Academic performance”.

Dasho started the speech with his words of appreciation for having prepared with  

1. impressive decoration and reception

2. unique and relevant Theme song of School

3. Unique school culture unlike other schools and students well exhibition and composure during gathering and receiving guests.

Some of the key messages as spoken are as follows;

5. Plan to make The theme song to be presented during National days to motivate and encourage other schools.

6. Also request Lop Khempo to compose a new theme song of Sarpang Dzongkhag as such things are there in other Dzongkhag which we must also plan to.

3. Going by the trend of students getting HMs certificate, Girls are found outperforming boys hence boys too need to look for this trend.

4. Example of Sarpang HSS class xii student Tenzin Wangmo and how she manages her self and the time in hand by scheduling and being guided by the her schedule and strict compliance with it …..her success stories.

5. Reminders from  HM aspiration  and vision and the Speech made on 14th convocation speech;

Golden words are;

 i. Bhutanese value of Thadamtse …. being self-conscious and respectful of our unique cultural values

ii. Be guided with the pillars of GNH and this long because of these sublime developmental philosophies we Bhutanese had been performing well. So our country was not colonized though we are small in size and the very reasons are because of these multifaceted philosophies, hence we must respect and appreciate it.

iii. Paying deep reverence and belief in Drukpa Tendrel. As we being Bhutanese we must always pay our respect and value all these Bhutanese etiquettes which were there from are forefathers times. So must emulate it all the time.

6.Shared concerned about HM’s concern due to modernization and rapid pace of Development.

7. Educational institutes to be more using and harnessing benefit of the technologies in right ways.

8. Lack size but be talent and when other country does in 10 years we must do it in 1 year by being creative. All we have is the creative strength!

9. 21st century roles…. challenges will come but must look up for dedication and competence and work hard for impactful result so don’t live a meritocratic life as nature of challenge will be different due to rapid development.

10.Be a hard worker to achieve and fulfil all those aspirations of HM.

11.Always be mindful and perform all the tasks keeping in mind the words and wisdom of our HM.

12. Don’t think this is end of life hence wake up and be hardworking person to achieve more as you being students have long way to go, so that you can hold a better position later and be leading our country at par with the visions of our Kings.

13. Norbuling CS is getting better day by day in ambience and in school culture under the dynamic leadership of Principal. Yet you all may have some daily challenges in hands which will gradually get pipelined.

14. Exemplified about group of students who went to India for launching of space satellite upon invitation of India and also elaborated and reminded about the recent visit of Narendra Modi and his beautiful speech. hence be magnificent and achieve more.

15. Need to listen to the speeches of HM and VIPs who makes visit in the country.

16..Bhutanese students outperforming in other countries and doing exceptionally well so need to look up and emulate them in daily lives.

17.Students to learn about display of the cultures and use it in their life and appreciate Bhutanese unique etiquette

18. Reminded students to study hard as exams are appearing and to perform well in examinations.