Visit of Dasho Sonam Kinga to talk on NST

Visit of Dasho Sonam Kinga to talk on NST (Gyalsuung).

13th March, Friday will be a historic event where all Norbulingpas can embrace at all times. It was indeed a very fortunate moment for family of NCS as first ever orientation cum consultation meeting on National Service project (Gyelsung) in a nation Kick started. Moreover, it was a very priceless opportunity as NCS could welcome and listen to highly esteemed Dasho Dr. Sonam Kinga.

The program opened with a descent and flowery words of welcoming gesture from Principal with a brief overview of school statics. With captivating gestures as always, Dasho took the participant through details of the program by harmonizing bits and pieces about its inception and how the project took its shape this far. Dasho momentarily reinforced us that this program is unusual as it germinates from the visionary mind of our His Majesty and it is uniquely unique form rest of the nations. In this vein rolling out of this program from this Dzongkhag, this school and more so for this pool of staff and would be 1st batch recipient of Gyelsung program would provide total triumph as we make history together.

As it is in the process of making, it must undergo rapid rounds of confrontations and consultation with relevant stake holders, thus it is deemed necessary that this program must garner school in the process of making as firmly said by Dasho. Besides that, reaching information to their peers and community is also deemed necessary to keep every Bhutanese intact so as to hold onto it with same view.

With all those defining move, then the in-depth structure and modalities of the noble move was made transparent with all his genuine strength and power. This sublime project sets on with the motive of universality and equality and it will formally swing from 2022 with singular focus on our youths who represents the future of our Nation.

The main objectives of the program will be to;

  1. Youth participation in nation- building to enhance security, sovereignty of our Nation
  2. Empower youth to actualize their innate potential and become capable and worthy citizen who will serve nation knowing the three-basic foundation (Tsa-Wa-Sum) deeply embedded in their heart.

Details of program as presented by the Honorable Dasho.

  1. Coverage of the program:
  2. Must be mandatorily 18 years of age Bhutanese citizen holder.
  3. To attend program after completion of class XII.
  4. Enlistment for first batch in 2022.
  5. Enlist student in 2021.
  6. Age from 16.5 to 18 (eligible for early enlistment but to have parental/guardian consent.
  7. Out of youth, only those born in 2003 will be required to enlist for the NS program
  8. Exemptions:
  9. Monks, nuns, lay monks, purohits
  10. Medically found not fit for NST
  11. Pregnant woman/Young Mothers
  12. Deferment
  13. Unfit for medical reasons of temporary nature
  14. Exigent circumstances
  15. Expected size of first batch who will be enrolled in five centers
  16. 13000 Trainee.
  17. Program structure
  18. Compulsory
  19. 3 months Basic military Training
  20. National Education
  21. Life skills
  • Specialization
  • Food security
  • Home security
  • Cyber security
  • Activity outside of the academy
  • Trans Bhutan Trail hike
  • Career opportunities
  • Added point onto their regular education as it will help them to pass through gateways like; College, VET institutes, Self-employment and Direct Employment.  

 The historic program came to an end with dedicated question answer session and heart fulfilling answers from honorable Dasho as he possesses supernal wisdom; a pantomath indeed who has reached a pinnacle of learning.  Finally, students took survey on the questionnaire followed by sharing of unlimited satisfaction and gratitude for guiding through this sublime project. So, all Norbulingpas payoff their unwavering prayers of success and fulfilment to this noble venture which was expressed by Vice principle as a closing vote. 

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